Use this Sulfate Free Shampoo to give your dog's coat a more natural cleanse. Sulfates can strip hair of natural chemicals and lead to a thin, brittle coat. The essential oils in this liquid shampoo are carefully selected to aid your pooch in fighting off fleas and ticks without the harsh chemicals. 


Lemon Eucalyptus: Bug Repellent, Antifungal/Antiseptic, Emotional Support


Lavender: Skin Care, Wound Care, Pain Relief, Immune Support, Emotional Support


Cedarwood: Wound Healing, Stress Relief, Bug Repelling, Skin Support, Respiratory Support


Rosewood: Antibacterial/Antifungal, Antispasmodic, Tick Repellent, Emotional Support


Geranium: Bug Repellent, Skin Support, Emotional Support


Lemon: Skin Care, Pain Relief, Circulation, Digestion, Emotional Support


12 OZ


"Don't Bug Me" Sulfate Free Liquid Dog Shampoo


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