Welcome to our herd

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Little Hands Farm. The Napier Clan, Jonathan, Chanda, and our four little farm hands (not so little anymore) established Little Hands Farm in 2002 but it has only been in the last 5 years we added Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We wanted to start having our own farm fresh milk but weren’t ready to tackle cows yet so we decided on something a bit smaller. Let me warn you now these little goats are addictive, and the herd just keeps growing. Before we decided on these wonderful little creatures, we did a lot of research. After deciding on the Nigerian dwarfs we travelled around the southeast collecting additions to our herd from top breeders to get the milk lines, conformation, and genetics that we felt necessary to set a solid foundation for our own herd. We feel we have made a great start to collecting some of the best bloodlines available and plan to continue to improve our breeding genetics to produce the best possible breedings and ultimately a phenomenal animal. I look back and laugh at ourselves when we first got into these sweet creatures, as I couldn’t understand why everyone kept sending us picture after picture of udders. Now we know! We test our herd yearly. The entire herd, that was old enough, tested negative for CAE, Johnes, and Brucellosis in 2011. Feel free to look around and meet our herd. We are available via email, phone or in person, just make an appointment to visit so you can be sure we are here. 


Address: 401 Bay Street Green Cove Springs Florida 32043

Phone: 904.531.5672

Email:  littlehandsfarmflorida@gmail.com

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