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    A little over a year ago, Little Hands Farm began propagating and growing luffa as a compliment to our artisan soaps. Natural “homemade” sponges to go along with our natural and homemade soaps.

    Ironically, many people do not realize that the luffa sponge is not a “true” sponge and that the luffa sponge are a natural and renewable alternative to “true” or synthetic sponges. Luffa are in fact a tropical and subtropical vine and are related to the cucumber. This is evident when looking at the pictures. Prior to reaching maturity the fruit can be harvested and eaten as a vegetable.  
    To produce sponges, the luffa are allowed to reach maturity on the vine, where they dry out and shed seeds. Once mature the luffa are harvested and skinned to produce the sponge. Little Hands Farm has sponges of various sizes available for sale as well as young plants and seeds.
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